Sunday, 5 December 2010

215/365 Autumn Leaves swap

Well, what with all the snow we've had recently, Autumn seems a long time ago now. But back in October I joined in the Autumn Leaves swap on Giddy Stuff's blog, and I was lucky enough to be partnered with the lovely Tracy, from Mad About Bags. My swap items arrived in the post yesterday, Tracy had even wrapped them all in a lovely leaf themed paper.

The swap was for a hand made item, an item from stash and a treat. Here are the things Tracy sent me, and they are fabulous.

First is an A5 sized notebook, with hard covers and lined paper, and covered with the most beautifully sewn and appliqueed cover, I forgot to photograph the back, but there is another leaf on the back cover. Words and pictures cant do justice to this lovely cover, it has an inner lining and soft interfacing as well.

Tracy also made this lovely leaf, which has been cut from layers of fabric and backed with soft brown felt. This will eventually hang on the wall in my studio, at which time I shall take a more flattering photo (sorry about the loud background, I was in a bit of a hurry!)

Two stash items were included, the first of which was this really great yarn, I had to colour enhance the photo to show the true colour, I think I got it more or less right. I am really looking forward to using this yarn.

Also included in the swap was a pack of buttons, which will make a welcome addition to my button tin, and a bar of Cadburys Bliss, which had a very short shelf life (its gone!)

Thanks so much Tracy for being such a great swap partner, I hope I get picked with you again some time.


Chrissy C said...

What a wonderful lot of goodies you have there - lucky lady. That appliqued leaf is gorgeous

Jean said...

That wool is just perfect for you Joy. Tracy is a great seller, I have some of her bags.
See you soon x