Thursday, 30 December 2010

239/365 New cards in the Phoenix range

I love my "day job" as a Phoenix trader, especially this time of year, when the new brochure is released with lots of lovely new card designs. The new 2011 brochures have been released early (they dont usually come out until the beginning of January) as sadly there is to be a price increase (due mostly to the increase in VAT) from the start of trading on 4th January. However you still have time to beat the price increase if you order from me by Monday 3rd January. Take a look at my website, where you can order, no need to pay until delivery, which should be approximately Monday 10th January. Just a sample of the new cards can be seen below. For the full range visit my website.

Phoenix always wrap their cards really well so they never arrive damaged, the only slight downside to that is the ever increasing amount of bubble wrap! I simply cant throw it away, it would be such a waste, so if you know of anyone who has a use for bubble wrap please put them in touch with me.

Oh, and please dont forget that I donate 10% of all my takings from Phoenix sales to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Appeal, so not only is this an opportunity to save money, its also an opportunity to help a very worthy cause.


Elaine said...

Hi Joy,
The cards look so good. Just placed an order although not sure how you want payment to be made?


joy said...

hello elaine,
thanks for the order, please email me at to discuss payment