Sunday, 19 December 2010

232/365 Baby its cold outside

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This is my listing for today.

Yesterday must have been the worst day of the whole year on the roads, according to last night's TV, so guess what, Oli decided it was the day he was going to make his way home from Bournemouth to Devizes - I had previously emailed him to suggest that he came back on Friday, but no, he knew best! Well, I guess on the whole he was reasonably lucky, he got the bus to Salisbury which both left and arrived on time. However once at Salisbury the connecting bus to Devizes was nowhere to be seen. So in the mean time we were at home researching alternative ways for him to cross Salisbury Plain (but not, as Gilbert and Sullivan suggest, on a bicycle). It appeared that he could go to the Railway Station and catch a train to Westbury, where we might be able to pick him up, but then looking at South West Trains website all trains into and out of Bristol Temple Meads were cancelled, so that option was off. Looking on the Wilts and Dorset bus website it seemed there were no buses running either, so you can imagine his delight when, after only about an hours wait, a Devizes bus turned up. Not only that, but as it usually does a twisty turny journey calling at lots of small villages and this time it was going to stick to the main roads only, the journey was 40 minutes instead of 80. So having left Bournemouth at some time before 2pm and arriving home approximately 50 miles away at just after 6pm, at an average speed of 12.5 miles per hour, we dont think he fared quite as badly as some other travellers yesterday. Welcome home, Oli.
And now both my "chicks" are back in the nest for a little while.

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Elaine said...

And no doubt looking forward to being spoilt by Mum :)

That certainly was an epic journey. Glad to hear he got home safely. My son always rolls his eyes when I tell him to 'drive safely' .... but, in truth, I'm more worried by some of the other idiots on the road who don't seem to understand about minimum stopping distances, especially when snow and ice are concerned!