Saturday, 11 December 2010

221/365 Mini Misi meet-up at the Lansdowne Arms

What a lovely evening was had by all at the Lansdowne Arms, at Derry Hill. We are a group who came together because we are all crafters, all living in Wiltshire and all selling (in the loosest sense of the word) on MISI.
Starting from the left we have Jean and Janice, who together are Talking Beads, next is Marianne, who is Jewels of Isis, Rachael, who is Rosytint and Blue Shed Crafts, Ali, who is (and has) Magic Making Hands, next is Paula, who is Tazbride, then Mo of MornieG and finally me, Joy of Joyknitt and Kate Blankett

As a fairly fluid and dynamic group, some or all of us meet up several times a year for food of some sort or another, more often than not cake is involved, talk about this and that, and put the world to rights. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, girls, and looking forward to possibly some more interesting times next year.


Lisa, Designs by Isis said...

What a lovely looking bunch of ladies :)
Glad you all had a good time - the photo must have been at the start of the evening as you all look very sedate !

Rachael said...

Well done for bringing a camera along Joy! It was great that you were able to come along last evening although I did find it a little noisy to hold a conversation.
Merry Christmas everyone!CU all in 2011.

joy said...

I never go anywhere without my camera Rachael, although sometimes I've been known to forget to use it!
Not too happy with the quality of this picture when enlarged, but then I didn't take it!

Chrissy C said...

So lovely to see faces to names I only know on the websites. Nice to meet you all.

xx Chrissy

Jean said...

As most of us were driving it had to be a sober get together!!
It was a lovely evening and thank you to Mo for arranging it all.
Can we have crackers next year!!
p.s. Mo had a tiara on at the start of the evening and she looked so pretty in it.