Friday, 10 December 2010

220/365 Yesterday

This is yesterdays blog. I didn't write a blog yesterday for the simple reason that on Wednesday I spent almost the entire day sat at my desk doing things on my PC, so yesterday I decided to give myself a break.
So what was a retired stay at home housewife doing all day at her PC I hear you ask.
Firstly I did my daily listing on Folksy, then blogged about it, posted it on Facebook and Twitter and also wrote about it on the Folksy forum.
Next I paid a quick visit to the MISI forums and made a couple of postings. I have emptied my shops on MISI as I no longer have much faith in the site as a selling medium, but I still have so many friends on there I need to keep popping back to "speak" to them on the forums.
Then I had a whole load of photos to upload from my camera and edit.
Then I had a couple of months worth of photos to burn on to CD (twice) to make sure they are safe and cannot be lost.
I sent a couple of emails to overseas friends, I ordered a couple of things on line and I played a few games of Bejewelled Blitz on Facebook. And so it goes on. It hardly seems possible that one could spend an entire day in front of a machine when one doesn't go to work, but there you have it - I did.
Yesterday was a nice break, apart from just sending a couple of emails to friends I spent the day away from my desk.
I didn't even get my camera out, so here is a picture of Marissa that Junko sent me last weekend.


Rachael said...

It is amazing how much time all this blogging, FB, forum chatting, file sorting, backing-up takes. You,like me, would probably rather be knitting.And as for being retired, there is no such thing, you just spend your time differently but hopefully more enjoyably.
Your Granddaughter looks lovely.

Chrissy C said...

My sort of day - One question for you all? Even though your fingers are flying over the keys - do yours get cold? Mine do and my feet, so have to go and get a cup of tea to warm up, and of course a biccy. Maybe that is why I have put on half a stone in a month!!!

Jean said...

I have a routine in the morning! Get up, go to bathroom, check emails, go downstairs and put on kettle! If I feel thin I pop onto the scales....and then I bring my coffee back to computer to catch up on the blogs and forums. I do not put the heating on as I am still toastie from my bed. When I feel cold I know it is time to leave the computer and GET ON with SOMTHING ELSE! But, that could be 2hours later! Joy, your baby is gorgeous, do I spy a blanket made by your own fair hands.

joy said...

My computer is currently downstairs in the room Rog also uses for work, its always warm as there are always at least 3 pcs running, in the summer its way too hot!
The blanket in the picture was made by my main inspiration, my mum, or as the boys call her "all-powerful nan"