Friday, 7 May 2010

10/365 No mention of election results

Today I have:
1) Blogged about my vegetable plot, you can click here to read it.
2) Learned all about ISO. I didn't get ISO before, but I do now, thanks to OU's simple three letter word explanation and a hands-on "now do this at home" exercise.
3) Hand washed a very old and heavy king-sized duvet in the bath, which now just has to drain off sufficiently so its light enough to carry downstairs and hang on the washing line without it dripping everywhere.

And here is a picture of some baby tomato plants and sweetpeas (yes I know they are a bit late, but heyho, better late than never) in my greenhouse equivalent, a nice sunny and warm west-facing enclosed porch outside the front door.

1 comment:

Alison said...

I have some tomatoes even smaller than that, I sowed them very late! Don't hold out much hope for them though ... cold,windy Derbyshire hillside. My garlic looks good though!