Monday, 24 May 2010

26/365 Roundway Hill

Yesterday was way too hot to do anything, so we climbed Roundway Hill. Loaded up with folding chairs, picnic in backpack, walking sticks, sunhats and the ubiquitous camera we set out in the heat of the day and arrived at the top just in time for lunch.

This is the view of the hill from near home.

and here is the view from the top looking back, Salisbury Plain is on the horizon, and home is roughly to the right of centre of the shot.

We found a seat in a nice shady spot, and here is Rog looking slightly frazzled and wondering why I am pissing about with the camera instead of getting his can out of the backpack.

Nice shady woodland walk, before the descent.

On the way down we could see the stunning Marlborough Hills in the distance, this will be the destination for our next hill walk (on a slightly cooler day, methinks).

Back down again, and almost home - behind the tall pine trees.


Jean said...

My son in law has heard a lot about Roundway Hill from my daughter who ran from Prison Bridge down through Rowde and up through Concience Lane and up on the hill and back home via London Road and then canal! Whew.
As he is Australian he is very fit and wanted to run up Roundabout Hill when he visited us last year!
Lovely photos Joy, can't believe you wrote p*****g in your blog! shocked!

Rachael said...

Looks like a walk I'll have to do sometime but when the wether is cooler. I love the photos and I am NOT shocked about your language LOL.