Tuesday, 4 May 2010

7/365 I want to scream

I'm doing this course in digital photography, and in order to do it I had to have a P.C. upgrade. I now have Windows XP. The course material is mostly online, but I was sent a CD with the latest version of PhotoShop Elements, which has also been installed on my P.C. I've now got to that part of the course where I am supposed to be learning how to organise my images into albums and tag them etc etc in PhotoShop Elements but every time I start to do anything other than upload, the damn thing crashes, and its driving me nuts. It must be a known problem, because there is a whole paragraph on how to sort it in the FAQ section - but it shouldn't be like that in the first place.
BL**DY Microsoft.

Anyway, here is a picture I took this morning while out looking for things to snap, hope you like. Its the edge of the Crammer (of Moonraker fame), which was featured not long ago.

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RosyTint said...

Yeh, PC's are fantastic when they work and a real pain in the proverbial when they don't. I feel for ya'.

Nice photo, I like how the railings work in the composition.