Sunday, 23 May 2010

25/365 The trapezium

The trapezium is our brick built outbuilding at the bottom of the garden, its about 8 metres wide, 3.5 metres deep on one side and 6.5 metres deep on the other, so its like a rectangle with a triangle added on. We have plans drawn up and building regs passed to convert it into an office and a studio, and Dave, our builder, has told us that he will most likely be able to start work on it sometime next week. I am so excited, its been a long wait to get this far. We spent yesterday clearing it, there wasn't much in it so it didn't take too long, mostly gardening bits and pieces which have gone into the garage and the garden shed until we get the greenhouse.

Watch this space for progress reports.


mad about bags said...

morning joy
how exciting, and what a fabulous office and studio its going to be, we too have the builders in but not until a week on tuesday so it'll be a mad rush around next week trying to pack away rachel's old room and the kitchen!!!
keep us posted with some photos please!!

RosyTint said...

What a fabulous space!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm looks just about right for a studio, Joy. White backdrops a few studio lights............... janice is getting carried away again!! :)