Saturday, 22 May 2010

24/365 22nd Wedding Anniversary

Oh do lets go somewhere we've never been before, I said, so we looked on the map and found that Chesil Beach and Portland Bill weren't too far away, so off we went. The weather was very kind to us, although slightly hazy it was warm and sunny all day, with just enough of a breeze to keep it from being too hot.

This is the view of Chesil Beach from above Fortunes Well

Here is a gull who sat and watched us as we partook of some alcohol in the bar of the Heights Hotel, well worth a visit for the views alone. We didn't eat there, as the food was far too expensive. We eventually found the Cove House Inn, a lovely pub right on the edge of the beach, it was very busy foodwise and our meal was more than adequate, except that the salad garnish had obviously seen better days.

Portland Bill lighthouse

Rog on Chesil Beach

I was there too


Sharon said...

that first pic of the beach is stunning! glad you had a good day :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary - found your blog via the OU Photo Group (you may remember the Devizes Big Cheese photo!)

Anonymous said...

Great shots - and glad you had a good time.

Mary Elliott said...

Love this beach, we went there yesterday!

RosyTint said...

Love this place too. It's always so nice to go exploring...congrats on your anniversary.