Monday, 17 May 2010

20/365 The garden

This is our second summer in this house, but because we are soon to have builders in to renovate the outbuilding we haven't really done very much to improve the small uncared for wilderness that we bought when we moved here, apart from digging out a small temporary vegetable plot, which you can read all about here.
The previous owners were both full-time workers, and really didn't do much at all except to keep the grass cut - they didn't even bang down the molehills, so the grass is VERY uneven. There is a border just outside the dining room window, from which we have cleared quite a few leggy shrubby things, and left just a couple of hydrangeas, and I have sprinkled the whole thing with annual seeds, so hoping for a bit of colour later in the summer.
There is also a border along one fence in which there are more leggy shrubby things, most of which will have to go sooner or later, but there are a few nice things struggling in amongst the rubbish, so here they are.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos.

Joy said...

Wonderful shots there. I love floral photography. You see so much more detail than the naked eye.

niftyknits said...

nice shots, love the rain drops!