Thursday, 20 May 2010

23/365 Last reflections

Yesterday was a very GOOD day.

1) Tom (second son) rang to tell me he has a job, starts on 1st June, its the one he really wanted, so I am delighted for him. He's been off since 1st October last year when he took voluntary redundancy caused by the economic downturn, he's had a good rest and is now raring to go. Good luck to you Tom, xx
2) Dave (builder) popped round yesterday evening with the "windows and doors" man to have a measure up for the outbuilding - which, because of its shape, will henceforth be referred to as The Trapezium. He (Dave) reckons he may be able to start work on it as early as the middle of next week, wooo hooo.
3) Heather (cat lady) from whom we got Cassie, popped round to see us and to check on Cassie's progress. I'm not sure of Heather's official role, but I know she works alongside the RSPCA and helps with cat rescue, she is involved with the Bath Cats and Dogs home, as well as Kats and Kits of Devizes, and is a wonderful lady whose whole life seems to revolve around rescuing cats.
4) It was such a nice evening and TV was pretty rubbish, so Rog and I strolled out down to town and spent a pleasant hour in The Lamb, a real good old-fashioned pub.

And here is my very final posting of reflections, please click on the picture to see an enlarged version.

Tomorrow is our 22nd Wedding Anniversary and we are off to the seaside for the day.

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Anonymous said...

Great news for your son.
Congratulations and have a lovely day tomorrow wherever you end up. Look forward to the photos.