Wednesday, 26 May 2010

29/365 Chelsea, here we come

Yesterday continued to be a good day, much more comfortable weatherwise than of late, so we took a leisurely walk along the tow-path in to town at lunch time for a drink at the White Bear.

My very dear friend Kate gave me a ticket for the Chelsea Flower Show for my recent birthday.

We are meeting in London to visit the Flower Show tomorrow and have a bit of a girly time, I'm really excited about it and am off now to pack my bag.
Then on Friday morning I travel from London to Essex to visit my Mum, who will be 86 next week.
I'll be back at my desk on Sunday, prepare to be bored stiff with lots of pictures of my trip.


Mrs Plans and Presents said...

Thanks for joining the blog hop again.
That was a really kind gift from your friend and its ounds fun, have a good time.


RosyTint said...

I like the look of that pub and I also hope you enjoy the Chelsea flower show with your friend too.

Amy said...

Following you from the Collaboration Women Wednesday blog hop! Please follow me as well :)

Bliss Knits said...

Hope you have a fab time at Chelsea (I'm so jealous!) Can't wait to see your photos when you get back - remember your notebook too.

Mum and I are going to Hampton Court in July - can't wait!

Creation|Collaboration said...

Hi there, thanks for joining in the Women Wednesday Blog Hop again, make sure you check back tomorrow to see if you have been picked for next weeks blog feature! We really appreciate the support and hope you are benefiting by getting new followers and finding lots of great blogs!