Tuesday, 18 May 2010

21/365 Reflections

This week my photography course has reached the subject that I am in dire need of getting my head round, it's where I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, and have to move the control away from Auto.
We've to start thinking about Fstops and shutter speeds. I've read it through and done a few practice shots and I think I'm slowly but surely starting to understand it. I've done one of my end-of-week assignment shots of a dripping tap, which has come out better than I could have hoped.

Another option for the assignment was to shoot highly reflective materials. I couldn't actually find anything that fitted the bill, but I liked the idea of reflections anyway, so I took myself out early this morning and took these shots, which show home in a completely different light.

Last year I did a short course at Wiltshire College in Trowbridge, it was called "Digital Photography for Dummies", (at least thats what I think it was called) and one week we had a field trip to Bradford-on-Avon, where I took lots of shots of reflections in the river, come back tomorrow and I'll show you some of them.


janicehobbs100 said...

Loving your blog, Joy.

The flower pictures are really really good.. I can see a great improvement already.

Glad you are enjoying your course. If anything doesnt make sense, just ask, sometimes different people explain in different ways and sometimes it just clicks.

I'm sure you are doing very well anyway, it sounds like it. ... oh, and... enjoy it! :D

jms said...

thanks Janice. Rog and I walk along reciting "larger number smaller hole" and "larger hole, faster speed" - but not so others can hear, obviously!!

handmadeharry said...

Really like the dripping tap!! Am looking to do a short course on digital photography myself, just so I can understand all the buttons on my camera rather than just pressing the shutter button and hoping for the best!!! :) Hope you enjoy your course and good luck on it!
Debi :)

niftyknits said...

dripping tap looks great! Reflective pic instantly reminded me of unintentional pics (not by me!) on ebay...but we won't go into that!

jms said...

now, nifty, you cant do that to me, I'm really intrigued. tell all.