Tuesday, 25 May 2010

28/365 A good start to the day

Today has started off really well, just hope it continues in the same vein.
Sitting in bed this morning drinking tea we heard the cuckoo, for the first time in quite a few years (we hardly heard it at all when we lived in Surrey, and certainly didn't hear it down here last year).
And then we had poached eggs for breakfast - look!! Two double yolkers.

These are free range eggs from Paxcroft Farm, about 8 miles from here just outside Trowbridge.
We have a small area of land behind the Trapezium which is currently a bit wild, it is our intention to clear it at some stage and then keep chickens on it - maybe next year.


Sharon said...

I wonder what the chances are of 2 double yolkers lol...that's brilliant :)

vintage beadery said...

Thanks for the comment on my latest ramble, how lucky to get two double yolkers, could have caused an argument otherwise! Sounds as if you live in a pretty nice place. Ours is pretty but tiny.

RosyTint said...

Aw chickens, how lovely. I used to look after the chickens for the school I went too many decades ago.
Think about getting some rescue hens from the LIttle Hen Rescue Charity when it comes to it.

jms said...

thanks for that rachael, I'll remember it