Monday, 3 May 2010

6/365 random yarn

I love random yarn, I really do, and I loved the colours of this one when I bought it. I also loved the way it came up in this crocheted blanket.

But I dont like it knitted up like this, it just isn't random enough.

I'm really not sure whether to finish this garment and then put it up for sale, or just unravel the whole lot and do something completely different.


RosyTint said...

Difficult call that one Joy. My eye is drawn to the light stitches in the welt, which annoys me in the picture but in reality and certainly when being worn probably isn't at all noticeable. It's annoying too that the middle looks as if it should have a dark stripe , where there isn't one. That said, someone else just may not see it in the same way.

jms said...

yes the two odd bits are misprints in the yarn, which I didn't spot until I had gone way past (knitting while watching TV!), then couldn't be bothered to unpick. I think I'll probably unpick and make another blanket instead, but smaller squares rather than one large one, as I never do repeats.

House of Istria said...

i love that blanket!

House of Istria


Anonymous said...

It looks like you haven't used 'random' yarn but a self patterning.

jms said...

yes, I'm sure you are right carol, but I bought it on ebay, and in the picture it looked like random. I have unpicked the knitted back, and I'm crocheting another blanket instead.