Friday, 1 October 2010

154/365 V.I.P.

Well, someone Very Important is in Devizes today. The town is in almost total gridlock because a lorry has broken down on the Sainsburys roundabout, but even so, all traffic had to make way for 3 police motorcycles da-daing, followed by a convoy of black limos, with a police Range Rover bringing up the rear, all making their way towards the County Police HQ and Air Ambulance station. Stupid really, just drawing attention to the fact that it is someone important, instead of just moseying along quietly like normal folk, then no-one would be any the wiser. Still, not too many terrorists in rural Wiltshire, so they are probably quite safe to make as much noise and fuss as they want. If anyone is remotely interested in who this V.I.P. is, remind me to tell you when I read it in the local paper next Thursday.


Stella said...

Ah, that explains a lot. I saw the broken down lorry, heard the sirens but didn't see the cavalcade.
It drives me nuts when they do that. It's so OTT. It always scares the life out of me. It all appears from nowhere, whooshes by, and if they hadn't done it we would be none the wiser that some non-entity was visiting our town! Makes them all feel important, I suppose.

joy said...

I think they came up from Salisbury, we were sat parked by the Crammer, waiting to pull away, saw them all again at the HQ, motorcyclists holding up traffic in both directions so the limos could come out of the "out", down the road and back into the "in"!! WHY?????

Jean said...

It took me over 30 minutes to drive my usual 3 minute journey at lunch time! I was late for work!
My boss lives just off Nursteed Road, when he got as far as the Football Ground he turned around, went home for 45 mins and then tried again. I suppose he is the boss though!