Sunday, 10 October 2010

164/365 Wiltshire Air Ambulance Appeal

oh, and by the way, has anyone noticed the date today?

This is the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, which is stationed not far from where we live, and often flies over the top of our house. Over the past couple of years since we have lived here I have had a few card sales in the foyer of the Devizes Leisure Centre and other venues, and have sent them a total of about £70. However, after my moping of yesterday, this morning I came upon the idea of devoting more time and energy to raising funds for them, they need £1369 PER DAY to continue their good work.
So back-dating to 1st October I have decided to donate 10% of all Phoenix sales to this worthy cause, as well as ALL profit on any sales of knitted and crocheted items. I'll be going through my online shops during the day, and entering up how much of each sale will be donated, and this evening I'll blog again with links to all my shops and to my "just giving" page.
I'll also announce my monthly donations on this blog. If anyone out there in blogland would like to help me to raise more funds, please email me to discuss how you can help.


Rachael said...

Excellent 'worthy cause' to fund raise for Joy, well done.
I've seen an app on FB that you can link to your fund raising...I'll have a look and send you a link on FB.
I had noticed the date BTW and I heard plenty of people have booked to get married today.

Janice said...

There are a little pair of twins in the paper who are 10 today :)

Stella said...

I will put my thinking cap on to see if there is anything I can do to help your fundraising.
It's a very "neat" sort of date, isn't it? No extra noughts. I suppose that we will have 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 then that's it for a while.
Are you aware of the 10/10/10 global work party day organised by

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

What a great cause! You are very generous in donating such a percentage. I am an avid supporter of a number of charities close to my heart including a Donkey Charity in Isreal & The Royal British Legion - it does make a difference doesn't it!

Post up a link to your ebay pages and I will have a nosey!