Sunday, 10 October 2010

165/365 (only another 200 to go!!)

Well, after my earlier blog today I have been a busy girl.
I have been through my online shops and marked up the WAAA donation amounts on all the handmade items I have for sale.
These can be seen in the following shops:
Joyknitt on MISI
Malebox on MISI
and Joyknitt on Zibbet
The Phoenix range can be seen here, and 10% of all sales will be donated.
The donations will be made at the end of each month and can be viewed on my Just Giving page, where you can also make a donation - any amount, large or small, will be gratefully received.
Clicking on the highlighted words will take you directly to the site indicated.


joy said...

Thanks to the lovely Carol for getting the ball rolling by donating to my Just Giving page, I forgot to mention that if you are a UK tax payer then please also complete the gift aid section so the WAAA can also claim back your tax paid.

carol said...

You are most welcome Joy. Such a worthwhile cause.

Sharon @ SP Jewellery said...

had to read back to catch up - I'm a bit out of touch at the mo. it's brilliant cause, when Rups sister was ill we watched the helicoper alot as the helipad was next to intensive care and they we always busy! (although that was in Oxfordshire), wish I had some money to donate but things are tough at the mo :( will definately give you a shout out in my blog though tomorrw :)

Elaine said...

Hi Joy,
One thing you might want to consider is setting up an account at

You can encourage people to save their used ink cartridges (although take care .... some they don't want) and send them to a Freepost address that links to your account with them. From time to time, they then send a cheque for the amount raised.

So many people use up printer cartridges that, if you spread the word, you could raise a tidy amount ..... and more to the point for things that may well be thrown away!