Sunday, 3 October 2010

156/365 Urchfont

We love Urchfont village, which nestles just below the northern edge of Salisbury Plain. In fact the very first house that we looked at was situated down this lane and we would have bought it except that there was no space to park any cars and the garden was very small. The house itself and the location were lovely. If you enlarge the photo by clicking on it you can read the road sign, the address of the house we liked was " . . . . Cottage, The Bottom"!

There are lots of interesting houses in the village, I particularly liked "Hanover House", which I first read as "Hangover House", 2nd in from the right on the bottom row.

The village pond is lovely

as is the green

Like most rural villages in the area, the local community run their own shop, after they were abandoned by Spar and The Post Office.

Naturally after a nice walk we had to make a brief refreshment stop

On our way back to the car we passed this rather strange looking two-headed beast

and there is our car, parked at the bottom of the hill - Home James.


Chrissy said...

Love little rural villages and wished I could afford to live in one. Like the refreshment stop idea - always a good thing.

Elaine said...

But very dodgy things go on in the village hall if the last photo is to be believed :)

joy said...

the third poster gives the dates to avoid, but sadly they aren't visible in the photo, so if you visit Urchfont in October, best stay away from the village hall!