Wednesday, 27 October 2010

180/365 Think pink

I'm getting so excited about the imminent arrival of my very first granddaughter, due on 31st October. I have four sons and two grandsons, so pink is a colour that has never figured very highly in my life until now. The highlighted name under each illustrated item will take you to the MISI shop where it can be found.

Little Bird Too

Stitches by EmmyLou

Magic Making Hands

Hennie's Nimble Needles

Hugs and Kisses

Heather's Treasures

Pink Sunflower

Chic Throws

Avant Garde Gifts

Another shop where there are lots of pink things, and some other very beautiful things is Blue Shed Crafts on Artfire


Chrissy said...

Many congrats on your news of a little granddaughter on the way - all that pink, instead of blue. Love looking at the finds you put on with a pink theme. Also, congrats on your blogging daily - well done. Haven't been able to catch up over the last couple of weeks, but had a quick peek through. Finding something to say each day is no easy task - you deserve a medal for managing it. Will you carry on after christmas, or take a deserved rest and pop in now and again?

joy said...

hi chrissy, I'm doing a 365 one post for each day for a whole year. I think I started towards the end of april and I'm almost halfway through, I am using it to showcase my own photography, mostly, but every now and then its nice to show someone elses.
joy xx

Just K Jewellery said...

what a gorgeous selection of goodies - and how lovely for you to be able to "think pink"

carol said...

Pink is my favourite colour. I'm a propper girly girl. Pink was the colour of my wedding although i did not do Katie Price, my dress was antique white but my bridesmaid was in pink (much to her disgust) Tony, my Dad and step son were all in pink shirts and ties (a very pale pink) and the hall for my reception was in pink.

Rachael said...

I love your selection of pink items Joy! Not long now until the awaited event.

Sharon @ SP Jewellery said...

congrats, what an exciting time!

and if she comes when she is due what a great day for a birthday!