Monday, 11 October 2010

166/365 Thank you Peeps

The response to my blogpost about the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Appeal has been amazing, I have had so much encouragement offered by so many people.
I would most particularly like to thank Carol, who made the very first donation to my Just Giving page, Carol is a fellow knitter and business woman, you can read her blog here.
Secondly a big thank you to Stella, who is going to put on her thinking cap to see if she can come up with some ideas to help me.
Thirdly thanks to Sharon, who is going to give me a mention in her blog today, which you can read here.
Sarah of Ama Aqua Cake Toppers has offered to make a model helicopter for me to auction, so thanks for that Sarah, you can read her blogs here and here.
And huge thanks to all you other lovely people who have been an inspiration to me by commenting on my blog post of Saturday "Identity Crisis".

Some time ago I remember reading someone's blog about the little man who sits inside our computers and makes up the words for the blog comment word verification boxes. Well he was certainly having a joke with me yesterday - I had to make sure I typed this one in correctly!


carol said...
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carol said...

Plenty of typo's in my last comment!

Thank you for your kind words and for posting a link to my blog.
Carol x