Thursday, 14 October 2010

169/365 New Trainers

About three weeks ago I treated myself to a new pair of trainers, Adidas, £28.00 (reduced from . . . I dont remember).

They look pretty cool, dont they?
BIG mistake.
I bought them online, from Amazon, along with a few other bits and pieces, when they arrived I tried them on, they fitted fine, I walked about a bit, no problems.
Yesterday we went to the gym for first time in three weeks, so I proudly donned my new trainers, which seemed to have shrunk slightly in the intervening period! Never mind, I thought, they'll stretch a bit when I start moving around. Walked out to the car, to find that even though they were a bit tight they were slipping at the back of my heals instead of gripping. I suppose what I should have done then was to go back indoors and change into my old trainers, but we were already late and Rog was champing at the bit so off we went.
I can only describe it as agony, I guess as I was exercising my metabolism increased, my blood flow increased, my feet must have enlarged slightly and the trainers were getting tighter and tighter, and still slipping at the heals, so there was no way I could walk/run my usual kilometer on the treadmill. Instead I did an extra 10 minutes on the cycle machine, so all was not lost. Except that I now have a pair of practically brand new trainers which are not fit for purpose and because I have worn them I cant send them back for refund. I'll have to put them on Ebay instead and hope I can get something back for them, plus I have to find another pair of trainers - but this time I definitely wont be buying them online!

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BerryandTwig said...

Not sure if this works with sneakers but if your shoes are too small wearing a damp pair of sucks under your shoes for an hour or two will stretch the shoes out and shape them to your foot. I've done it for heels before and it actually worked!!