Monday, 4 October 2010

157/365 Lovely day

What a lovely day it's been, dry, sunny and really warm. Rog has had a day off work, to make a longer than usual weekend, and we've both been pottering. I've spent some time out in the Studio just being there tidying and organising things, he has caught up on various bits and pieces of paperwork that needed to be done, and at lunch time we took a walk down to town for a bit of shopping and a beer in Wetherspoons - not one of the comfy good old fashioned pubs that are in abundance in town, but cheap!
I've been taking a few photos for the October Photographic Challenge that I'm participating in, and will be posting them up tomorrow on my Facebook page, please take a look.
Rog is currently cooking tea, which makes a nice change, I'm looking forward to breadcrumbed cod with ratatouille and sweetcorn.
Below is a spider that I saw this morning swaying about in the breeze at the end of her tether outside the back door.

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joy said...

Sorry, I have just discovered that you cant access my facebook page from the link unless I am already logged in. Never mind, I'll put some of my pics on my blog as well.