Tuesday, 5 October 2010

158/365 October Photographic Challenge

As I am sure you are by now aware, I have a fairly recently discovered passion for photography, and like to use any excuse to take photos.
I'm currently participating in the above challenge with a group of "virtual" friends on Facebook. Some of the participants are my friends, others are friends of friends, but we all relish the enjoyment to be had in taking photos and then showing them to others.
The subjects of this challenge are as follows : 1) Rain. 2) Leaves. 3) Frost. 4) Shadows. 5) Berries. 6) Pumpkins. 7) Seeds. 8) Spooky. 9) Cosy. 10) Relaxed. 11) Yummy. 12) Orange., all subjects related to this wonderful Autumnal month which starts with the fruity ends of summer and ends with Halloween.
You can view my posted photos by clicking here. If you book mark this site you can keep on returning to view more additions as the month progresses.
This is my favourite so far

(all photos can be enlarged by clicking on them)


The syders said...

Great Post Joy and I am very happy to have become one of your virtual buddies through the photo challenges,
Love Emma

Chrissy said...

Captured beautifully Joy - love the shafts of light through the trees - very nice.