Sunday, 12 September 2010

130/365 Crossword

I love weekends, especially because Rog and I always take a few opportunities to sit down together and tackle the Times Crossword. It's a tradition that we have been following for many years now, and on a few occasions we've actually finished it. Dont think we will this weekend though, it seems quite tough.


Magic Making Hands said...

hmmmm ... how long have you been doing this one?

joy said...

this was after about the first 45 mins

Anonymous said...

Just catching up with your blog after your lovely comments on mine.

I smiled at this - Mr Dancing likes doing the SuDoKu in The Times and I like the Jumbo Crossword but just stick to the ordinary clues - the Cryptic ones are too much for me!

joy said...

I LOVE the SoDuKo in the Times, I leave the ordinary one for Rog, and I do the samurai - as long as no sons are home, if they are they get there first.
We are only able to tackle the cryptic clues because we do it together, have done for years.