Wednesday, 29 September 2010

151/365 Cant settle . .

. . down to anything today, I wrote a couple of emails and did a small sewing job this morning and that was about it. I've got a pile of ironing waiting to be done and I'm really procrastinating over that, I suppose I'll have to start soon, but I really dont feel like it. Its such a gloomy, wet day. Rog and I walked down to town at lunch time, it was very quiet, had a beer (him) and a pot of tea (me) in the Bear Hotel, which is usually bustling, but not today.
I even had a look to see if there was anything worth watching on TV, but was rather pleased to see that there wasn't, I consider watching TV in the daytime to be a cardinal sin only to be resorted to if one is too ill to do anything much, but not ill enough to stay in bed.
So what do you do on a day like this, especially when your biorhythms all seem to be at the bottom of a huge dip? How you manage to pull yourself out of inertia when it strikes?
I cant even be bothered to take any new pictures today, so here is one I took earlier in the week just after the corn field had been harvested.
Oh, and before I forget, I tried the wine glasses, well one of them anyway, last evening and they work fine . . . ah, perhaps its a hangover I'm suffering from?


Rachael said...
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Rachael said...

I had a day just like the one you describe, only yesterday. I too have a mountain of ironing waiting to be done.....I see a pattern there. I sat down almost all of yesterday and surfed the net....that was it. I was tired though after the stress I put myself through getting ready for a Craft Fair....there was no need and I MUST learn from it.
Anyway, I will tackle the ironing tomorrow and hope you can face yours too.

joy said...

I felt heaps better after a hot bath, a glass of wine and some mozart, and managed to get the ironing all done. stress is a terrible thing, racheal, perhaps you ought to seek out some help in overcoming it? I have read loads of books on the subject (and others), yoga seems to be highly recommended.