Thursday, 23 September 2010

145/365 Waiting for shelves

We are slowly populating our new work spaces, but we desparately need to buy some shelving next.
Here is Rog's side, Trap A, the Bridge. Look how nice and neat and tidy it is with his stationery cupboard loaded and all his boxes neatly stacked.

Here is my side, Trap B, the Studio, this is my corner desk unit loaded with boxes and trays of Phoenix paperwork that needs sorting.

This is all my Phoenix and "dots and spots" stock

These are my knitting boxes, the brown boxes are full of completed items, the white boxes and baskets are full of my yarns.

And here is my work bench, currently I'm using it to wrap parcels, but I'll also be able to use it as a cutting and sewing bench when I relocate my sewing machine from the kitchen cupboard.

I also want to get a couple of comfy chairs as well as a desk chair, and a glass-fronted bookcase for my lovely book collection. We are making progress, slowly but surely.


Rachael said...

It's taking shape and now is the really nice time, making it a 'comfy' work space. Space is something you have plenty of by the look of's fabulous!

GiddyStuff said...

You look very organised, and it's nice that you have a designated space. My crafty bits are in every room of the house!