Saturday, 18 September 2010

139/365 Mum's coming today

Just taking the opportunity to blog early this morning, as my Mum is coming later today. Rog has just rung me from Essex to say he has arrived at Mum's and they'll be leaving in about half an hour. It takes approximately 3 hours to get here from Essex (that includes a refreshment stop), so I've got till about 2pm to get everything straight and tidy.
My Mum is quite amazing, she is 86, lives on her own, grows all her own vegetables, helps out at the day club for the elderly (really), walks out for at least a mile each day and until last year was the First Prize Winner for the Theydon Bois village in Bloom competition in the informal front gardens section! She was, in fact, quite reluctant to admit that someone else did have a nicer front garden than hers, she just suspected that the judges had been around early in the day before she'd had a chance to get out and do the dead-heading. This year she didn't enter "just to let someone else have a chance".
She hasn't been here since February, as it wasn't really fair on her (or us) to have her stay while the builders were here, and of course she wasn't able to leave her garden unattended during the summer months, but she's ok to leave it now in the hands of her next door neighbour (who, to give him his due, does now cut the grass and the hedges for her - thanks Bob).
She has also been my crafting inspiration, she taught me to knit when I was about 5 years old, and she made most of the clothes that Jan (my sister) and I wore as children back in the early post-war days. She doesn't knit so much now, but for the last 30 odd years has been crocheting blankets which she gives to Oxfam and as wedding presents, Rog and I still use the one she gave us 22 years ago to wrap around our knees on chilly winters evenings.
So over the next few days my timetable is not my own, and whilst I shall most likely find time to blog each day, dont worry too much if you dont see me, I'll most likely be out somewhere begging Mum to slow down so I can catch her up (just like I did when I was 7 years old).

And before I go, I would just like to wish my friend Janice a very Happy Birthday, please take a look at her fabulous photography here


Chrissy said...

What a wonderful and inspirational mum you have Joy and I complain at 58 - bless her.

magicmakinghands said...

Your mum sounds amazing ... mine is a spritely 73 and works one day a week at Help the Aged and conducts an exercise class at one of the local old people's homes ... makes me laugh when she talks about "the old dears" :-)

Janice said...

What a wonderful mum!! They amaze you don't they!

Thanks for the lovely scarf and birthday wishes, Joy. I had a lovely day. xx

Rachael said...

Your Mom sounds like loads of fun. My Mom passed away at age 67, a few years ago now but my Dad, soon to be 76 is the life and soul of the party and very inspirational too.
Enjoy the time with your Mom, I hope the weather stays nice so that you can get out and about a lot.

cm crafts said...

your mom sounds lovely i have a grandad who is 86 and he goes for a walk every day xxx