Sunday, 19 September 2010

140/365 Took Mum to Caen Hill locks, again.

I took her to see the locks last year, and she enjoyed it so much she wanted to go again.
Here she is standing at the top.

The swans are so used to being fed they are quite tame, and come right up to you, looking for food.

Looking down the locks from almost at the top

I wonder why no-one has picked these blackberries

This barge was one of the only ones to be climbing the hill today, Mum and I helped to push a couple of the lock gates open for them.

A very pleasant outing.


Rachael said...

I haven't been there for about fourteen years! Think I'd like to visit again sometime.

carol said...

how beautiful

Chrissy said...

Your mum looks lovely Joy, glad she is having a grand time.