Wednesday, 8 September 2010

126/365 Delivering

Sealed up a few more envelopes today, with different tapes from the "dots and spots" range. All these tapes will be for sale in my Stationery with a Smile shop on Groovy Cart later today.

These brochures were for hand delivery to customers who live close to me, so I set off on my (t)rusty old bike, zig zagging backwards and forwards across the Kennet and Avon canal several times on my journey. Now that the school holidays are over and there are only a few late holiday makers cruising, the canal reverts to its peaceful quiet meandering through our beautiful town.

Then round the back roads and past St. Mary's. I am definitely not a religious person, but I like church architecture and the feeling of longevity that they invoke (just as long as I dont have to go inside!)


Chrissy said...

Beautiful pictures. We have had two lovely narrowboat holidays, so peaceful. You are very lucky where you are.

Sharon @ SP Jewellery said...

beautiful pics! and it is so quiet - it must be lovely being somewhere empty of people :)

joy said...

Its really odd, because Devizes is a very busy market town, with quite a traffic problem, but the towpath beside the canal, which runs almost parallel to the busy London Road at one point, is always a haven of peace and quiet, even in the height of the holiday season when there are lots of barges moving up and down. And despite several back roads to avoid the town centre traffic, its only the locals that use them, so they are quiet too. I really love living here, its so easy to be part of a vibrant community, or to just keep oneself to oneself and enjoy the beautiful surrounding countryside.