Monday, 27 September 2010

149/365 Blue . . . .

. . . is my favourite colour, nearly all my clothes are blue, most of the cars I've had have been blue, and in the past I've had blue bedrooms, blue kitchens and blue bathrooms. So it seems rather strange that at the moment not one of the rooms in my home is blue (however, as we start to decorate each room that MAY change!).

I do, however, have odd splashes of blue around the house, in the kitchen:

the sitting room

the bathroom

and the spare bedroom

and this is my current crochet project, which I hope to finish and sell before Christmas.

Blue Shed Crafts is the working name of a fellow Wiltshire crafter, who also knits, crochets and sews (and, I hasten to add, does all three a great deal better than I do). She makes the most gorgeous items, which she sells at local craft fairs and in her online shops which you can see here and here. Please have a look at her shops, you may just find that special something for that hard to buy for person for Birthday or Christmas.


Rachael said...

Thanks so much for the fabulous mention Joy.
Love the blue crochet that you're working on too.

niftyknits said...

love willow pattern ;-) I did a whole week's lessons from it once - great fun!

carol said...

How big are you going to go with that blanket? I once made one in browns to cover a double bed. At the moment as i finish knitting projects, any part balls are being crocheted into granny squares of 5 rounds and put away in a bag. When i get enough i will sew them all together

joy said...

thanks for your comments guys, I have 10 x 100g balls of the blue random so I'll just keep going till its all used up, I think there are 3 balls left. great idea about the leftovers carol, think I'll give that a go too.
nifty, my granny was a maid servant in her youth, and after she was married she had one set of everyday crocks and a set of "best" which were the willow pattern. I inherited what was left of them - not a lot - but I love it too, and have since bought myself the coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl.