Friday, 17 September 2010

137/365 Sorting

Rog has just left on the first leg of his journey to Essex to collect my Mum tomorrow and bring her back here to stay for a few days. He is going as far as Surrey today, meeting up with a couple of old mates and sharing a beer or three, staying overnight in a B&B, then off to Essex tomorrow.
Which means I have a whole 24++ hours to myself.
Decided the best way to use the time would be to have a sort out of all my yarns and unfinished projects while I am able to spread them around without fear of anything being touched or moved.
So here is everything that has been stashed away in various boxes and bags downstairs, several unfinished projects and loads of odd balls and bits and pieces.

and here is everything that has been stashed away upstairs, something in each of the three bedrooms.

All I need to do now is rationalize the whole lot and move it out to the studio. Should be done by tea-time!


carol said...

Joy that's one thing i can never understand, unfinished projects. I always finish one before starting another. As for odd bit of yarn, i put them all in a big bag and either sell it or make granny blankets and sell them. You should see the yarn in my back room!

joy said...

I always like to have at least 2 things and sometimes 3 on the go, but I find sewing together is a bit of a drag, as I mostly knit while watching tv, hence most of my unfinished projects are just things that basically need stitching together. I save all my odds and ends just in case they might come in handy, lol.

Rachael said...

I'm with you Joy. I only have unfinished projects because they need sewing up and for sewing up you need a good amount of time, 100% concentration i.e not in front of TV and excellent light...daylight.
I have splurges where I clear all my unfinished items but I have several right now.

carol said...

I do find sewing up the worst part but i still do it in front of the tv and in artificial light.
I just can't be doing with unfinished products laying about