Wednesday, 15 September 2010

134/365 Raindrops

I started this 365 fully intending to blog every day, but I completely forgot at the time that there would be days when I wasn't at home and couldn't blog - my phone is JUST a phone - so there are a few gaps, which means that the odd day or two with more than one blog is a good way of slightly catching up.
Plus, of course, at the end of October I'll be spending a week in Surrey helping the new parents, so if I dont do any catching up my 365 will go well into 13 months!
Here, for anyone remotely interested, is a short length of my washing line this morning.


Rachael said...

I had wondered what you'd do when on your travels.

Moobaacluck said...

Phew - bit of a tall order a daily blog!! Gorgeous photo - love it - its like liquid gold and sunshine with sky.
xx Gabs