Friday, 3 September 2010

121/365 Clouds

I'm feeling very tired today. I have de-Olivered the spare bedroom, and its ready for our weekend visitors. Whilst doing that I seem to have twisted my knee, which hurts when I walk on it, which makes me limp, which has given me a backache! So, having had my whinge for the week I am now going to leave you with some peaceful cloud images while I have a nice soak in a hot and bubbly bath, then spend the rest of the day with my feet up, doing some knitting, and maybe watch a bit of football and have a beer or two this evening.


Anonymous said...

HOPE YOUR leg is better soon, Joy,

some nice cirrus images there!
Im just going to make a blast from the past.. mince and onion roly poly .. that takes me back!!


RosyTint said...

Love the clouds. Sorry you have hurt your knee....I have dodgy knees and so I know how painful they can be. Feet up knitting and drinking beer sounds like an ace plan. Enjoy.

Chrissy said...

Pretty piccsy - the top one looks like a feather. Hope your knee gets better soon.