Monday, 20 September 2010

142/365 Lacock Abbey

I took Mum to Lacock today, its quite close to Devizes, a whole village owned by the National Trust.
First we went to the Abbey, and had a walk round the gardens, I loved this little dark corner with the stream.

Then we went to the Stableyard, where we had a look in the brewery, sadly no longer working, so no tastings.

This magnificent archway led into the Abbey environs

The Fox-Talbot family used to live here, and this is the actual window that made photographic history.

Inside the cloisters, some of the scenes from the early Harry Potter films were shot here.

My mum used to have a cabinet exactly the same as this when she was first married in 1946

I really loved this magnificent kitchen clock

Something for my quilting friends to drool over

How would you like to carry this camera around in your bag?

Whoever thought that these rather hideous legs looked ok with the lovely walnut cabinet must really need new glasses.

Here is Mum after our tour and just before we went to the pub for some lunch.

Another lovely outing, if you are ever in Wiltshire be sure to visit Lacock


GiddyStuff said...

What a fabulous place! I remember that Fox Talbot window too, seen it so many times, I always wondered where it was.

Rachael said...

It's been a number of years since I visited Lacock and I must go back. seems like your blog keeps doing that too me : )

joy said...

I guess its because I'm still relatively new to wiltshire, and still in "discovery" mode. next time mum comes I'm taking her to either bowood house or stourhead, which would you recommend, rachael?

Rachael said...

I don't believe I have been to Bowood House (or know of it) but I have been to Stourhead and I loved it there. Not much help, sorry.